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Headlines Craniofacial Support, is a registered charity. Headlines was set up by a group of parents of children with Craniosynostosis in 1993, later becoming a registered charity in 1996. The current Trustees continue to be mainly parents or close relations to children affected by Craniosynostosis.

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Headlines' Mission is to:

Headlines has over 1600 members made up of families, adults and health professionals in the UK and overseas.

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Members and non-members receive support through various means:

Telephone helpline

Our helpline helps members, particularly at the delicate time soon after diagnosis, to access immediate relevant information on their or their child's condition. It provides a friendly ear to both new parents and longer-standing members as issues or concerns arise about their or their child's well-being and treatment. Please note however that Headlines is not qualified to comment or advise on questions of a medical nature.

We also put parents in touch with each other locally/regionally, so that they can gain from each other's experiences and their children can see they are not the only ones living with such conditions. Click here to view contact details for the telephone helpline.

Headline News (members only) and E-News

Our E-newsletter is sent out every two months and includes regular digital updates on our activities plus member stories and articles. A printed magazine “Headline News” is also produced once a year and posted to all members and includes real life articles from parents, carers, medics and children about their experiences and often amazing achievements, living with a craniofacial condition. It also contains details of upcoming events, photographs, tips, contact details and fundraising efforts.

Events (members only)

Every year, Headlines members are invited to join us at our Family Weekend. The weekend takes place in Spring / Summer at an outdoor adventure centre and gives families the opportunity to get together to share advice and support, to make new friends and have fun taking part in different activities.

In February 2017, the first Headlines Conference was held at King's College London. The conference aimed to share knowledge and engage patients, carers and health professionals affected or involved in the care of children and young adults with Craniosynostosis. Following the success of this inaugural conference, a similar event was held in June 2018 at Sheffield Hallam University

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Headlines is entirely funded by charitable donations from its members, their friends and families and businesses which have kindly decided to support this cause. We encourage you to get involved in fundraising as every penny helps - click here for further information.

If you would like to become a member, please sign up and we will send you a welcome pack. To learn more about membership and to join please click here.


Charity Director - Karen Wilkinson-Bell

Charity Administrator - Donna Connett (Parent of a child with syndromic craniofacial condition - Apert Syndrome )


Paul Cornell - Chair (Parent of a child with Saethre-Chotzen syndrome)

Charles Edwards - Treasurer (Parent of a child with non-syndromic single suture sagittal craniosynostosis)

Barry Fletcher - Vice Chair (Adult with and parent of a child with non-syndromic single suture sagittal craniosynostosis)

Dr Caroline Hilton (Parent of a young adult with syndromic craniofacial condition - Apert Syndrome)

Charlotte Ashby (Adult with unicoronal craniosynostosis)

Dr Mehran Moazen (Dr in biomechanics of craniosynostosis)

Colette Turnock (Craniofacial Nurse Specialist from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital)

Darren Sloan (Parent of child with bi-coronal craniosynostosis)

Family Weekend

The Headlines Family Weekend is our main event, which we host annually and generally runs from Saturday morning to Sunday lunch time.

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Donations & Sponsorship

Headlines is almost entirely funded by donations. Continued financial support is essential to maintain the work of Headlines.

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